To initiate the process of cleaning your freezer with baking soda, the first step is to empty its contents. This step ensures that you can thoroughly clean and remove any lingering food particles or ice buildup.

Unplugging the Freezer: Before you begin emptying the freezer, unplug it from the electrical outlet or turn it off at the power source. This is a crucial safety measure that prevents any accidents while you’re working on the cleaning process.

Clearing Out the Contents: With the freezer safely unplugged, it’s time to start removing the items stored inside. Whether you have frozen meats, fruits, vegetables, or any other goods, take them out of the freezer compartments.

Storage Solutions: To prevent your frozen items from thawing during the cleaning process, it’s a good idea to have empty containers or coolers with ice packs on hand. As you take food items out of the freezer, place them in these containers to keep them frozen. If you have access to a second freezer or have made arrangements with a neighbor or friend, transferring the items temporarily to another freezer is a convenient option.

By clearing out the freezer and safely storing the items, you create a clean slate for the cleaning process. This step ensures that no food items obstruct your access to the freezer’s interior, allowing you to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly. Once the cleaning is complete, and the freezer is dry, you can safely return your food items, confident that your freezer is clean and ready to keep your goods fresh.

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