Getting rid of cockroaches with sugar and baking soda

Are you sharing your toothbrush with a cockroach? Are you living with so many of them that you feel they should be paying rent?  Have you tried everything, and they keep coming back?

In this post, we share how to deal with these creatures using readily available kitchen supplies i.e. baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) and sugar.

Sugar is sweet; it attracts the roaches. Baking soda is harmful (to roaches); it fills their stomach with gas and boom! They explode and die


Mix equal rations of baking soda with sugar
Fill small containers (bottle top, plastic bottle top) with the mixture
If there is no water close by, set another dish or lid close by, containing water (the roaches will drink the water after eating the mixture which causes a reaction with the baking soda).
Place the containers in places where roaches frequent e.g under the kitchen sink, shelves. Make sure it’s out of reach for children and pets
Wait and carry a roach census after a few days – the number of cockroaches should decrease. Make sure you refill the mixture often.  With time you should enjoy the freedom in your own house without roaches

 It’s a good idea to keep the mixture out for a while – this will make sure that any roach visitors are dealt with before they reproduce
If you don’t see bodies of dead roaches, it’s because they eat everything, even the bodies of the dead roaches

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