How to clean a blender jar in less than a minute

The most boring thing about homemade smoothies is not the smoothie itself but cleaning the blender jar.

Whilst using a scouring pad might remove most of the dirt from the jar, some dirt is usually left on and under the sharp blades. If you use your hand, you might end up bruising your fingers

Today we look at how you can clean a blender in under a minute and without inserting your fingers into the jar.

1. Fill the blender halfway with water and blend for about 20 seconds. This will rinse out most of the dirt. Empty the jar.

2. Fill the blender halfway with water again but this time add some dishwashing soap and a glass of ice cubes and blend again for about 20 seconds

The soap will clean the blender and the ice cubes will remove any dirt on and under the blades.

That’s it. Done. Your blender is now sparkling clean.

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