How to prepare Kaimati

Kaimati, a common breakfast snack among the Swahili and Bajuni, get their unique taste from yeast.  

Choosing a sleeping bag for your baby

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A sleeping bag for babies or toddlers is a vest that extends into a soft bag-like bottom that your baby sleeps in. Sleeping bags are very popular with many parents. The great thing about them is that your baby can't kick them off, which means that he is less likely to wake up because he's feeling too cold. 

Sleeping bags are usually fastened using a zip that runs the full length of the bag, either down the middle or along the side. Some also fasten with poppers. 

When choosing a sleeping bag for your baby, you will need to put the following factors into consideration

How to clean a blender jar in less than a minute

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The most boring thing about homemade smoothies is not the smoothie itself but cleaning the blender jar.

Whilst using a scouring pad might remove most of the dirt from the jar, some dirt is usually left on and under the sharp blades. If you use your hand, you might end up bruising your fingers

Today we look at how you can clean a blender in under a minute and without inserting your fingers into the jar.

1. Fill the blender halfway with water and blend for about 20 seconds. This will rinse out most of the dirt. Empty the jar.

Keeping Coriander Leaves (Dhania) Fresh

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We all love coriander leaves (Dhania) but storing them can be a pain because they don’t stay fresh for long.

When purchasing dhania, make sure you get the fresh, tender and very green. Make sure you can “smell” the aroma. If they don't not have a strong aroma then they will not add flavor to food when used.   

Dhania contains antioxidants which can delay or prevent the spoilage of food seasoned with this spice. Dhania leaves don’t stay for long unless you store them properly

How To Make Yoghurt at Home

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Making yoghurt at home will save you money.  You will be able to take home made yoghurt any time you want and also experiment with different flavourings and toppings.  

Making your own yoghurt gives you control over what goes into your yoghurt. You can make sure that only the healthiest ingredients go into your yoghurt

Is It Time To Replace My Pillow?

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A good pillow should give you the right cushioning to position your head and neck properly.  Just like any good thing, no pillow lasts forever. The life time of a pillow is determined by frequency of use, type of use and materials (fill) that make the pillow.

Common pillow sizes and their uses


The fill and size of pillows determine their function, support and comfort. 

Standard Pillow:

How to pick a good watermelon

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You must love watermelons. How do you pick the good one? Is there an art in picking the best watermelon? Today we look at some of the tests you can use to make sure you select that juicy and sweet water melon.

If you are buying precut watermelon, look for bright red flesh and dark brown or black seeds.  Pieces with white streaks and many white seeds means the watermelon is under ripe.

How to pick a good watermelon

For full watermelon, you should consider the following factors:-

Getting rid of cockroaches with sugar and baking soda

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Are you sharing your toothbrush with a cockroach? Are you living with so many of them that you feel they should be paying rent?  Have you tried everything, and they keep coming back?

In this post, we share how to deal with these creatures using readily available kitchen supplies i.e. baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) and sugar.

Sugar is sweet; it attracts the roaches. Baking soda is harmful (to roaches); it fills their stomach with gas and boom! They explode and die


Style up with the right style of curtains

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You walk into a shop. The attendant approaches you to assist you in picking the right shoe or even dress.  You have no idea what you want so you simply tell them “I’ll know it when I see it”. Then you just walk around for hours figuring out what you want because you didn’t know what you wanted in the first place.

Curtains come in different styles and just like when picking out an outfit you are likely to get bewildered if you don’t know what to look for. To pick the right fit for you; you need to know the styles available.  Here are just but a few.