Tobi Portable Steam Iron Handheld Steamer

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  • Portable Steam Iron Handheld Steamer: Your go-to solution for wrinkle-free clothes on the go.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability and storage.
  • Effortlessly banishes wrinkles and refreshes garments with a quick burst of steam.
  • Ideal for travelers, busy professionals, and anyone seeking convenient garment care.
  • Say goodbye to bulky irons and cumbersome ironing boards.
  • Achieve professional results in minutes, wherever you are.
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The Portable Steamer Iron  is safe to use on different types of materials and not only does it steams out unwanted garment wrinkles it deodorize your garments at the same time too. Forget about spending a fortune on dry cleaning, once you get the Steam Buddy you’ll be saving big bucks and having neat wrinkle-free clothes

The TOBi Travel Steamer was specifically designed with portability in mind. This lightweight, yet effective wrinkle removing wand is perfect for both frequent travel and in the home.

Suitable for:
• Clothes & Garments
• Drapes & Sheers
• Tablecloths & Bedding
• Cloth Shower Curtains
• Upholstered Furniture
• Carpets

How to use:
• Hang up article
• Fill Portable Steamer Iron with water
• Plugs into standard power outlet
• Run steamer over article with a sweeping motion allowing steam to straighten wrinkles away.


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